Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ACA survey: Rising costs trump better coverage

Most people have yet to see any personal impact from the Affordable Care Act, but those who have are more likely to say they've been hurt by rising costs than helped by greater access,  the latest Kaiser Health Tracking poll shows.

Like most opinions on  "Obamacare,"  views of the personal impact vary with political affiliation.  Democrats are more likely to say they and their family have been helped by the law,  which provides subsidies for insurance premiums and extends coverage to people who may have been blocked by prohibitive costs or preexisting medical conditions.  Republicans and independents are more likely to report negative results,  with most citing higher costs for insurance and/or health care.

While views of the act remain negative,  more respondents said they want their members of Congress to work to improve the law  (63 percent)  than repeal it  (33 percent).

Health care ranks well below the economy and jobs as a voting issue,  the foundation reports,  and among people who describe themselves as enthusiastic voters  --  a group that skews Republican  --  the Affordable Care Act ranks low on the list of motivators.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has been tracking public opinion on the act since it was passed in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Ann Doss Helms -- Care to also mention that over 85% of those signed up for the ACA are receiving tax-payer funded subsidies to help pay for it? That businesses are reducing their FTE payrolls to shift healthcare expense onto part-time employees? That even the CBO stated the ACA is reducing hiring and economically negatively affecting our economy?

I grow so tired of how the Observer cherry picks articles and 'frames' headlines that benefit their Progressive/Leftist stance....

Anonymous said...

People should be honest and loyal to the truth not a political party.

It behooves me how a person of a political party will get out there and tell lies to mislead and deceive people on any subject they are speaking on. This country has unaffordable healthcare and the politicians will lie and mislead the young and middle aged mostly because they seldom need health care except for minor things so they are easily deceived.

Premium insurance rates and drug rates have sky rocketed the past 15 years. No one wants to fix the problem instead they deceive the blind to blindly believe lies and keep it ignorant fighting over a political party which they do. In the entertainment business its called the "Jedi mind trick"to sell more albums and magazines and make the entertainer richer.

Anonymous said...

You truly are a liberal menace !!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm genuinely perplexed about how anyone's perceiving this as skewed liberal. If I'd picked the most positive things people said maybe. This reports that the poll found more people who don't like the ACA, and that those folks are more concentrated among GOP and independents. I'm not labeling any of those views right or wrong.

Thomas said...

My premiums went up 260% under Obamacare. The only people who like it are the 85% receiving subsidies & the preexisting conditions that had their cost shifted to other people. When you add the 85% receiving Obamacare premium subsidies to the people who had preexisting condition who may be paying "full price" but are actually getting subsidized too what do you think that adds up to? People who pay full price (the middle class)are getting screwed by this.