Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Unanimous vote to expand N.C. Medicaid? Well ...

Jeff Jackson,  a Democratic state senator representing Mecklenburg's District 37,  knows how to have fun with a snow day.

This morning he posted on Facebook that "Due to inclement weather,  I appear to be the only non-security person in the General Assembly this morning.  I feel like I should hurry up and pass Medicaid expansion.  Anything else while I've got the place to myself?

His constituents  --  or at least his Facebook friends -- got a kick out of that,  with more than 100 comments and 500 likes by 9:30 a.m.  He got a long list of requests,  from raising teacher pay to banning puppy mills and legalizing marijuana.

Around 8:30 a.m.,  Jackson started tallying his accomplishments:

Just came back from the Senate chamber. All votes were unanimous.
Medicaid = expanded. Teachers = paid. Film = jobs. What's next?
This is going to be like "Night at the Museum" except at the end we'll have a stronger middle class.

Sen. Jeff Tarte, a Mecklenburg Republican, later posted that he and several GOP colleagues were there working as well.   "Classic example of Democrats 'misrepresenting the facts,' "  Tarte sniffed  before tipping his hand with an "LOL" and an invitation for Jackson to join him for dinner.

By that time the #JustOneLegislator winter fantasy had gone viral.  Mutual Facebook friend Laura Hehn had a suggestion  --  "Work together and make some positive changes!"  --  and even offered a couple of new hashtags: #JustTwoLegislators or #JustTheJeffs.


Anonymous said...

He should repeal 18B-1004(c), thus making beer/wine sales legal on Sunday mornings. Here's a petition: https://www.change.org/p/north-carolina-state-house-north-carolina-state-senate-no-alcohol-on-sunday-before-noon-law-repeal-nc-general-statute-18b-1004-c?utm_medium=email&utm_source=signature_receipt&utm_campaign=new_signature&tk=zLHge8GJIrpaJhH1RijI20Y5EnZD0tDZWFiBHPIAizs

Larry said...

Those democrats always wanting to game the system. From the voting booth to just about anything they can get away with.

And the sycophants in the media trying to help them over and over again.

Jim Black would be proud, heck obama would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Hey, our legislature has met in the middle of the night to pass bills cutting education, has slipped in measures to close women's clinics in a last minute "motorcycle safety bill", and has just recently slipped in a teensy tax change trying to fund millionaire tax breaks by taxing families with tuition bills and underwater mortgages. Sounds like JJ is being a bit more straightforward than they were. This would make a pretty cheerful snowday for NC.

Larry said...

Oh Anne, get this democrat to visit www.HonestyDay.com which is the official site for the upcoming Honesty Day on March 22cd.

I will be speaking next Monday at the City Council Meeting to get them to have a proclamation for it.

I know that cannon was the only bad apple, but hey it can not hurt to reinforce what should be standard operating for folks.