Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolution: Double-check health coverage

If you're starting 2015 with new health insurance,  congratulations.  We just learned that about 110,000 North Carolinians used the federal marketplace to buy new policies that take effect Jan. 1.  Almost 140,000 others who already had coverage through the Affordable Care Act went to by Dec. 15 to either renew that plan or select a new one for 2015.

For those who procrastinated,  there are six more weeks to sign up and/or compare options.  The numbers suggest that tens of thousands in this state simply let their 2014 policies renew.  That may bring a bigger bill in January,  but it's not too late to switch.  You can still shop around and make a new choice that will be effective in February or March.

"We know from past experience that people don't like shopping for insurance and inertia takes over,"  said Adam Linker,  health policy analyst for the N.C. Justice Center.

Linker notes that unlike last year,  when choices were final,  this year's rules allow changes up to Feb. 15 even if you already made a 2015 selection.  He suggests using the next six weeks to call your doctors and check with your preferred hospitals to make sure they're in the network for your plan.  Even if you checked when you were buying,  there can be hiccups and last-minute changes.  It's better to discover them while you still have options than when you're sick and stuck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann. I'm a part-time English teacher at CPCC. I don't have health insurance. My wife left me, but until we're officially divorced, I won't qualify for any subsidies because of her income. Is there any sort of plan for part-time faculty?

Larry said...

Finally folks have decided to avoid the sales job the observer got paid to post.

I looked back over this blog on comments and noticed it had front page attention quite a bit last year, yet no comments.

Sorry Ann, but folks who are paying twice or more for less coverage know the facts, before the observer tries to create new ones.

All the best and we will see you back on the school beat, even though we have seen more information over these last few months than we had seen in quite some time. If you take back over be sure to keep up the high standards Andrew has created.